Sound Booths

Eliminate Background Sound Levels

Any office environment is full of ambient noise. Telephones ringing, employees working, even air moving through ducts in the ceiling can make noise. All these noises and more contribute to your background sound level.

The best way to combat your background sound level is with a sound booth. Sound booths eliminate the background noise, allowing for an acoustically perfect testing area.  

Kahntact USA can provide you with a booth that will meet all your specifications. From new to refurbished, from giant 8-person double-walled booths to "mini" booths, Kahntact USA has a specific solution for your audiometric needs.


Our Booths 



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Sound Booth Installation


Kahntact USA has an expert installation team that assembles booths on location. Please call us at 1-800-742-4909 for more information.


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